NICE - HAGS Ep 006

This week's episode explores what it means to be "nice" and how we navigate some not-so-nice situations. 

Here are some things we reference in this episode:

Oh hey, did you want to know why Nicole and Riley are making crazy noises at the top of the episode? THIS IS WHY:

Now on to more fun stuff, like TED BUNDY!

Ted Bundy | Serial Killers | Crime Library - Crime Museum

was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont and was described as a charming, articulate and intelligent man. These traits allowed Ted Bundy to get close to his victims. Bundy raped and/or murdered scores of women, strangling and mutilating his victims. He displayed their lopped off heads in his apartment and slept with their corpses until putrefaction made it unbearable.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of studies that have been done about how much women speak.... more on this in one of our upcoming episodes.... 

Women Don't Actually Talk More Than Men

In a world full of "Chatty Cathys" and " Mansplainers," which gender really talks more? Whomever you think is more talkative, there's probably a study to back you up. Women have long been assumed the more talkative sex, but some studies indicate that men may be the bigger talkers while others found no difference between the sexes.

These articles by Polygraph and Pudding are the TITS:

The Largest Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender, Ever

Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age Lately, Hollywood has been taking so much shit for rampant sexism and racism. The prevailing theme: white men dominate movie roles. But it's all rhetoric and no data, which gets us nowhere in terms of having an informed discussion.


Hollywood's Gender Divide and its Effect on Films

Hollywood's Gender Divide and its Effect on Films Examining the Gender of Writers, Producers, and Directors Who Make films that fail the Bechdel Test There's this thing called the Bechdel Test. It measures just how male-dominated our beloved Netflix nights really are.

More on the gender divide in Hollywood:


Gender Equality and Dialogue in 2016's Highest Grossing Films


A Fascinating History of the "C Word"

How a word meant to signify female pleasure was turned against women and into something evil, fearful, unspoken. Late in 2011, a song from a virtually unknown 20-year-old rapper from Harlem knocked the Internet on its ass.

Reductress for President:

Woman Thanks Boyfriend For Putting Up With Her Totally Reasonable Behavior

Earlier today, 24-year-old Hannah Fuller thanked her longtime boyfriend, Joe Messer, for "putting up" with her perfectly normal behavior. "Joe deserves all the praise in the world for what he tolerates from me," a teary-eyed Fuller says. "I'm so thankful to have found a man who will endure my presence when I'm in a neutral mood."

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