In our second episode, we break down the ways we talk to women about intelligence, our own struggles growing up as young women who were interested in our own education, identifying intelligence as a commodity, and what that means to women today. 

Here are some things we reference in this episode:

Emma Watson's speech at UN Headquarters for the HeForShe campaign: 

Emma Watson: Being a feminist doesn't make me 'man-hating'

Watson, who admitted she may be dismissed by critics who wondered what "this Harry Potter girl" was doing at the UN, asked men to "take up the mantle" to speak up for their "daughters, sisters and mothers". The actress, who studied at Oxford and Brown universities, said: "Men-I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation.

The awesome mother who put up a fight after her daughter got in trouble at school for punching a boy who was sexually harassing her, even after reporting his behavior to a (big surprise) male teacher, who told her to just ignore it:

School Blames Girl For Punching Boy Who Snapped Her Bra, Her Mother's Logic Left Them Stunned!

When kids at school breach their ethical and moral code of conduct, who's in charge of correcting them and guiding them? Creating a great classroom means asking the tough questions. Are you doing enough to fight sexual harassment? Are you making enough efforts to battle with a society that's driven by sexist comments?

"The Jane Test" and Ross Putman's Twitter account dedicated to sexist character breakdowns:

The 'Jane Test,' a New Way to Tell if Your Scripts Are Sexist

People often point to sexism in movies for what happens onscreen, but really, it's in play before our heroine has a chance to say a line. It happens when she's cast. It happens when she's costumed. It happens when she gets her paycheck.

An article about "negging" which will *disclaimer* PROBABLY MAKE YOU WANT TO PHYSICALLY DESTROY ANYTHING IN YOUR REACH:

Negging Women - 10 Awesome Negs That Work

You can also lower a girl's social value in relation to yours with quick lines by negging women. Here are some examples of negging women: For a girl with a belly shirt: "Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?" "Your roots are showing." P.S.

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